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Thank you for coming to my website! Whether you are a frequent visitor or first
timer, I hope it is a blessing to you. If you study this site, you should have no
unanswered questions about my testimony, family, and ministry.

As of Labor Day 2014, I have taken a sabbatical from the ministry to better serve
my family. My family(according to scripture) is my first ministry and I must provide
for them. So my itinerant ministry and my mission also, is on hold at least for the
next year.

With the fallen economy, I have been having to work 40+ hours a week doing
overnights at the hospital, and 30+ hours a week electrical work. It isn't enough
because of wage scales in our area. Tricia just recently went back to work, but it's
not enough for what we need. First child will be in College 4 years from now and
we no longer have any savings.

I am seeking gainful employment that pays a true living wage. Please see our
prayer requests below.

Incidentally: We have very little debt and do NOT believe in credit cards. We pay cash on
the barrel head.
We are NOT in the process of "bailing out" bad debts, we are simply
looking to get our house in order financially and preparedly for our children's future.
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Prayer Requests
  • The Horner's - My dear friends and supporters of my ministry for the past 14
    years. Brother John Horner has contracted liver cancer and has only
    months to live. Brother John  is NOT scared as he is well prepared for
    heaven. Pray for Mrs Horner & family as they brace themselves for life here
    w/out John

  • The Gillespie Family - WE need your prayers. Pray for protection, finances,
    our children, our future ministry, strength in our marriage, and direction.

  • Our Country -  we are a mess spiritually, financially and culturally
Churches Seeking
I will speak with churches that have a "FULL TIME" salary package only. There
must be housing, salary, and decent insurance coverage.